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Mavie Earrings

Mavie Earrings

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A bolder, but yet soft style to dress up any look, the Mavie Earrings will leave you feeling beautiful and refined with every wear. 

Hoop diameter: 18 mm

Hoop length: 20 mm

Tarnish resistant 18k Gold Filled with a soft gold hue, not brassy or yellow. 14k and 18k Gold Filled is a thick layer of gold which is mechanically bonded to a base of solid 925 Sterling Silver or copper. These pieces are ideal for daily wear. Gold filled jewellery has 100x more gold alloy than gold plated jewellery and because the layer of gold is so much thicker, it will last longer and withstand wear & tear over gold plated. Refer to our Care Guide for more information on how to look after your gold filled jewellery.

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