Marloe Marloe

Vanity Tray - Lava & Bone


The must-have classic, Vanity Tray was designed to elevate your everyday rituals. Stretching 21.5cm long, 10 cm wide & 2cm high at the sides ~ designed to display your skincare, scents or jewels, there’s so much to love about this best-seller.

Loved by style leaders globally, the signature Lava + Bone textured glaze is a study in skilled craftsmanship and glaze application. Capturing the true essence of the Marloe Marloe brand while offering sophisticated beauty & function. This glaze is a reactive composition of raw ingredients that create a volcanic-like surface texture that is formed during the high firing process. The bubbles and craters formed are hardened as the kiln temperature begins to drop and as the kiln cools, capturing a moment in time.

How to style: The vanity tray is a multi-purpose form for bathroom, bedside, desk or kitchen. We love it to house our scents, skincare, stationary or jewels.

Care: To ensure you gain maximum life out of your piece please ensure you handle with care

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