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Rommer Co Bib

Rommer Co Bib

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Catch those crumbs with our meal time staple. Rommer bibs are made from the softest BPA free, food grade silicone. They are both lightweight and durable. Rommer have updated the bib design to feature reinforced button holes making them more resistant to tears. With an adjustable neck, these bibs are suitable for ages 6-36 months. Use at home. Roll one up and keep it in your baby bag for outings. 

HOW TO USE- Place around your childs neck and fasten to a comfortable position using the buttons.

HOW TO CARE- wipe down with a damp cloth, wash in the sink along with your dishes or pop them on the top rack of your dishwasher.

WHY YOU WILL LOVE- These silicone bibs are a MUST in the family household. Easy to roll up for your handbag, easy to clean, and great at catching all the crumbs that otherwise end up on the floor! Now just to pick your favourite colour!

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