Dreamy Moons

Dreamy Moons Affirmation Cards


This is a set of 30 affirmation cards + 1 information card. Perfect gift for yourself or someone special!

Designed and written by Annie Tarasova.
Size: A6, exact dimensions: 105 x 148 mm (4.1 x 5.8 inches)

What are affirmations?
Affirmations are positive statements describing a desired emotion, situation or goal. Affirmations have been used for many centuries in the form of mantras or prayers. They work when your powerful subconscious mind hears your words and programs your experience and behavior to reflect the affirmation.

Different ways to use your DreamyMoons affirmation cards:

  • Shuffle the cards and pull a random card out without looking. Treat the affirmation on that card as something the Universe is telling you to focus on.
  • Look through the affirmation cards in the morning. Select a few that you would like to focus on this day/week/month. Place them in visible places, so whenever your eye meets the card randomly, you read the affirmation. 
  • Carry a card or two that speaks to you in your bag or wallet. Affirmation cards are imbedded with positive energies of the affirmations, as they were created while I was focusing strongly on the affirmation written. 
  • Affirmation cards can be treated as postcards - feel free to gift them to friends and family. 
  • Cards can also be used simply as artworks - if you like the look of it, you are welcome to frame it or stick on a wall.

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