Frank Void

Ceramic Milk Pourer


Ceramic Milk Pourer | Frank Void

Pourer for milk with your tea or coffee, extra sauce, syrup for your dessert. Made on the wheel with dimpled sides and a pinched spout of perfection. Affectionately nicknamed Fat Chickens.

BODY: Custom Frank Void cool tone stoneware speckle.

OUTSIDE: Glaze finishes 3/4 down. The remaining 1/4 and base have a raw clay body* finish. The top lip or rim is also left raw.

INSIDE: Glaze.

SIZE: Ø 6cm H 6cm.


Frank Void vessels are designed and created to live in a commercial environment they are both functional and food safe. They will survive the microwave, dishwasher or oven.

But best practice like all things loved and cherished would be to treat with care and hand wash for longevity.

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