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Be Kind Spoon


Brass Spoon engraved with Be Kind.

Be kind is one of our favourite motto's. Reminding ourselves to be kinder to the planet, animals, each other and importantly ourselves. This is your golden spoon for that morning smoothie bowl, coffee, soup, food styling or table decoration to remind you to be kind. 

Our spoons are hand made and hand engraved by artists in Bali, Indonesia, therefore there may be subtle differences between your spoon and the images on the website. 

Material: Brass 


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Care instructions:

Please only hand-wash your cutlery using luke-warm water, a soft cloth and soap. Brass tends to tarnish due to a reaction with oxygen. You can remove tarnishes from brass using natural ingredients of: 1/2 a lemon and a tsp of baking soda. Mix these together and rub paste over your cutlery, clean mixture off. Repeat if necessary.

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