Gracious Minds

alpha-berry serum


Gracious Minds

alpha-berry active vitamin c serum

This silky, non sticky or irritating Vitamin C Serum is packed with the top performing Australian Native extracts: Mountain Pepper berry, Kakadu Plum & Acai Berry, all rich in antioxidants to deeply nourish, brighten and preserve the skin. With high amounts of natural Vitamin C reaching the dermis layers of skin where collagen is formed, visibly notice a reduction in the appearance of irritation, fine lines and dry skin.

-30ML Made in Australia 

For: Anti-ageing | Sensitive Skin | Dry Skin | Combination Skin | Oily Skin

Pump 3 drops onto palms and press into skin after cleansing in the morning and evening. Store in a cool dark place. Upon opening use within 6 months to retain all the nutrients and actives. 

With Certified Organic Ingredients


Anti-ageing Actives for Sensitive Skin

No Pegs, Phenoxyethanol, Artificial Fragrance.

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