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Reusable Coffee Mug by Frank Green


Turn heads at your local cafe by paying for your favourite beverage with a wave of your tap to pay® reusable cup — no cash or card necessary.

Top up on the go via the frank green pay® app and feel the rockstar feeling every morning or mid-afternoon coffee run. it comes with a clever one-handed, push-button lid that won’t spill and features a stain and odour resistant inner lining and a smart double-walled thermo outer layer that keeps your drinks hotter for longer than a single-use cup could ever hope for! (although if you want your beverage to retain its temperature for hours, check out our ceramic reusable range).

did we mention it's dishwasher safe? 

Did you know if you use your cup twice a day during your working week you can save 600 single use cups from landfill each year. 

Size: 12oz / 340ml

Colour: Buttermilk - pale yellow


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