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Bamboo Travel Utensil Pouch


Bamboo Travel Utensil Pouch

The Wholesome Store

This 7 piece travel set is the perfect addition to your eco-friendly lifestyle! Just keep it handy inside your hand bag, travel bag, or picnic basket, ready to use at any occasion. I use my set when travelling on airplanes, eating takeaways in shopping centres, or packing lunch for a beach day.

more info:

  • 7-piece set
  • Plane and x-ray friendly
  • Lightweight bamboo travel knife, spoon, teaspoon fork, chopsticks
  • Bamboo Straw
  • Straw cleaner
  • Organic cotton pouch

Send all that plastic cutlery to forking hell!

The best news is that because this set is made from bamboo you can take in on board an aeroplane without it being confiscated at security. You can safely take this on your flight for a zero waste travel option.

We love to travel with our reusable coffee mug + water bottle too! 

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