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Plastic-Free Shopping Bundle

$17.50 $35


Essentials for a wholesome life!


Comes with:

2 x Hemp Bags (doubles as a nut milk bag!)

3 x Cotton Net Produce Bags



The Cotton Net produce bags can be used to carry your fruits and veggies. No need for those single-use plastic bags to store your dozen of plums or apples, and no more juggling those rolling fruits onto the scales at the checkout. They come in 3 different sizes.

Sml 6” x 10”

Med 10” x 13”

Lrg 12” x 15”


The Hemp Bags can be used as a nut milk bag for straining nut milk, or doubles as a produce bag to hold more fruits and veggies but also for buying nuts and seeds.

Sml 12” x 12”

Lge 14” x 14”


Care instructions:

Items can be cold washed on gentle setting. Some shrinkage may occur. Line dry only. Try gently stretching fabric while wet to prevent shrinkage.

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