Marloe Marloe

Sloane - Lava & Bone


Sloane | Marloe Marloe

Sloane resonates with modern abundance, a grounding curved base with a subtly steeped rim; this piece is iconic in all aspects. Sloane is perfect for a large bouquet of flowers or as a stand-alone statement piece. Sloane stands 22cm tall and 20 cm at the widest point.

Loved by style leaders globally, this signature texture glaze is a study in skilled craftsmanship and glaze application. Marloe Marloe's signature Lava glaze is a reactive composition of raw ingredients. The texture of this glaze is formed during the high firing process as the glaze reaches 1260°C. The bubbles and craters formed are hardened as the kiln temperature begins to drop and as the kiln cools, capturing a moment in time.

To ensure you gain maximum life out of your piece please ensure you handle with care. Hand wash only and dry with a soft cloth.

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