Bee The Change Necklace

Bee The Change Necklace


The Bee The Change Necklace features a Sterling Silver Gold Plated Bee Pendant, hanging on a 45cm Gold Plated Link Chain

Wear this necklace to help raise awareness for BEE'S! most of our food crops rely on bee's pollination, yet we are faced with declining bee populations worldwide!

TIPS for saving the bee's: plant flowers or bee loving plants in your garden, buy only local and raw honey from ethical bee keepers- and use sparingly, shop organic, avoid pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in your garden, and educate others about the importance of bee's.




Bumble Bee Pendant 

Sterling Silver Plated in 14k Gold

Pendant size: 1.8cm x 1.8cm

45cm Gold Plated Link Chain 


Also pictured is the Double Pendant Necklace. perfect for layering together - COMING SOON

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